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Kynan Philippe


Matthew Shaw
Great co-op

This was a great co-op game for our group. Everyone enjoyed it and it was fun seeing what the book choose for clues and also trying to catch the bad guy out of your group. Give it a go if you like codenames, or one night games.

Adam Heuving
Great family game!

Do you have a group that likes games like codenames and other light co-ops? Do you have a group that does not have exactly 4 people? Do you have a group comprised of different age groups? If you answered yes to these questions that Obscurio is for you!
This game was an instant hit, after we played the first game of this we immediately played another. Its light and approachable by any age, as I played this with my sister, her husband, and my parents. This is a timed game but we never had a problem with the time aspect, we usually had a gut feeling and went with it. If you don't like being put against a clock then you may not like that part of the game, but its not overwhelming pressure by any means.
The only caveat with this game is the hidden traitor in it. If you are not a fan of the hidden traitor role then this game is probably not for you.
Overall it's a very fun game, that is easy to teach. Just by doing a mock round of it as an example people will easily figure out the game after a single round.
(Personal Story) I will also tell you that if you are the one explaining the rules and you are the traitor then you may mess up, this happened to me. The grimoire was about to advance the game when I informed him that "I had to pick pictures out of the book first", needless to say that the jig was up at that point)

Tony Han
Good party game

Fun party game and despite having lots of components is very intuitive to play and teach. One down-side is the limited number of picture cards make it very easy to go through the entire deck each play.

Jennifer Simao
Love Shopping with these guys

Always so awesome dealing with everyone at Boardgame Bliss!! They always get back to you quickly and make the process so smooth. I will be shopping here for a long time :)
Can't wait to try out the new game!!

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