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Zen Bins - Quick Draw Card Holder - Mini Euro (Clear) *PRE-ORDER*


$1.95 CAD

Zen Bins Quick Draw Card Holders are playable deck holders that will help you organize and quickly set up your games along with effortless card drawing.

These are designed for Mini European sized cards that are sleeved or unsleeved. Perfectly angled sides along with a pivoted center area allow for smooth and easy card removal.

• Holds Mini European sized cards
• Holds 50 Unsleeved/25 Sleeved Cards per each base
• Play directly from deck holder
• Store cards separated in game boxes to reduce setup time
• Firmly Snap lid and base together
• Stackable bases with cards in them to save box space
• Use lids for discard piles
• Durable anti-crush design to safely transport card decks

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