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5x5 City

$59.95 CAD

$59.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Designer Hisashi Hayashi
Publisher OKAZU Brand
Players 1-4
Suggested Age 8

You and your fellow players have just been elected mayors of a thriving new city in the midst of expansion. Over the course of the game, you will need to build various buildings and attract residents to this new city. However, you will face multiple challenges in terms of building restrictions throughout the game. Will you be able to build a city more splendid than the others?

5×5 City is a tile placement game that builds various buildings in your city.

Each city board is placed in front of every player. The city board has 25 squares of vacant lot, but it can be divided into various types of compartments depending on the compartment card selected at the start of the game.

For each round, draw a building tile randomly according to the number of squares in the specified section, keep in touch with other players and place it on your town board.

In 5×5 City, it is a point that you can place the building only in a fixed area in each round, not putting it in the place you like on the street board.

There are various effects in buildings, making effective use of the effect is the way to victory.

In addition, there may be buildings which sometimes do not need. In that case you can turn the building upside down into a park.

—description from the designer

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