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Designer Timothy J. Blank
Publisher WizKids
Players 2-5
Playtime 15-20 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Deep in the African jungle lies the lost city of Bumúntú. Legend says that the city contains gold, gems, and riches beyond anyone's imagination. A recent archaeological discovery has pinpointed where the city is, but now you must race your opponents to be the first one inside and claim the riches as your own.

But watch out! What you didn't expect is that the animals are fiercely protecting the city! Now, you must follow their guidance and earn their trust before they'll let you inside. Race through the jungle, let the animals guide you, and be the first one to find Bumúntú.

In Bumúntú, players start on a board full of African animals, each with their own way of helping players along. Each player can either move as normal or follow the wisdom of the animals, earning that animal's trust in the process. Players need to be strategic as the animals could lead them on a long, winding path. Some animals will make movement easier, while others can affect how opponents move, giving a lot of depth into a deceivingly simple strategy game.

The first player to collect each animal and make it to the city in the center of the board wins.

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