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Designer Fernando Chavarria
Judit Hurtado
Publisher Meridiano 6
Players 2
Suggested Age 10

Hatflings! is a fun game in which each player takes control of a halfling team in the famous "game of hats" that takes place every year in the Spring Festival of Halftown.

To win the game of hats, each team has to exchange the hat of another team for their own hat while dancing, jumping and frolicking. The game board has squares for the halfling tiles who have a hat of their color (orange or purple). Whenever a tile is placed on the 6 x 6 square board, all the adjacent tiles of the opponent team must be flipped to show the other team's hat color. The game ends when no more halflings could enter the game zone, and the winning team is the one who has more hats of their color. Different kinds of halflings, such as the big bellied ones or the halfling on stilts have special actions.

Who will win the game of hats this year?

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