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Samantha Hua
Excellent game!

This is an excellent game for 2+ year olds. The concepts are easy enough to understand and the game pieces are large enough to handle.

They'll enjoy playing the game with or without the rules. Honestly, I great first game for toddlers!

Nathan Coady
Great first game for toddlers

This is a great first board game for toddlers!

I bought it for my Two year old and she's loving it. It has helped her learn the simple stuff like colours, rolling dice, taking turns, and how to count. Components are great big wooden fruits and solid cardboard. Kids don't really have to play the game to enjoy playing with these.

My only complaint is that it can be a bit expensive for what it is, but isn't everything these days?

Gary Pressler
Start them Young!

We bought this game for our daughter when she was 2, and so began her first forays into gaming with Dad! This is a simple, joyful, cooperative game that is perfect for ages 2 or 3. Roll a die, and pick a fruit of the matching color and put it in your basket. Roll a raven, and he marches along a small path. Try to get all the fruit before the raven arrives. I think the ides is that the raven claims any fruit you do not pick, but we played that we getting a party ready for the raven. This teaches really basic stuff: taking turns (that's a big one!), color matching, moving along a path. After they master all that, even the setup is a learning opportunity: matching the fruits to the trees, counting that all 4 are there, setting up the cardboard tiles of the raven's path. The wood components are outstanding. They were often used in their play kitchen. By about age 4, they outgrew the game, although older sister enjoyed teaching younger brother. Now it will be saved for the next generation.

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