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Knight Models  |  SKU: BMG019

Batman Miniature Game: The Batman Two-Player Starter Box

$80.96 CAD $107.95 CAD
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Gotham City, city of the night, crime and corruption. Organized Crime does its dirty jobs on its streets and rules from the shadows. This is something that Batman cannot allow. Corruption must be eliminated, so Batman and the GCPD join forces to defeat the Organized Crime mafia and rid Gotham of their crimes.

The new Batman Miniature Game two-player starter box is a new beginning where you can play BMG with your favorite characters from the hit movie “The Batman”.

For this new BMG starter set we wanted to create 2 new crews so you can choose who you want to play with. Will you join Batman to fight crime and corruption, or will you be a member of Organized Crime to impose an oppressive power on the city?

The choice is yours.


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 17 thermoplastic miniatures ready to assemble and paint.
  • 11 30mm plastic bases
  • 4 40 mm plastic bases
  • 1 60 mm plastic base
  • 1 Elliptical base
  • 61 Objective cards
  • 22 Batman crew objective cards
  • 23 Organized Crime Objective Cards
  • 8 Encounter cards
  • 8 Event cards
  • +100 markers
  • Templates and measuring sticks

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