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MindWare  |  SKU: MW14194073

Ziggurat *PRE-ORDER*

$37.95 CAD
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Designer Rob Daviau
Matt Leacock
Publisher MindWare
Players 2-4
Playtime 45-45 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

ETA Q4 2024

The ziggurat has been abandoned for centuries. It is old and crumbling. Vines crawl up its sides. The winds and rains have washed away its vibrant colors. The village that surrounds the structure has dwindled. People have moved away — but something stirs within its depths. Something awakens...

According to legend, a dragon once lived in it but that was hundreds of years ago. Now it's a place where weeds grow.
People have been seeing fire spirits on the ziggurat's levels. The elders are asking for volunteers to investigate. Finally, it's your chance to be a hero! You hope to find a dragon.

Ziggurat is a co-operative legacy game, with the story of the ziggurat unfolding over six chapters and with you making decisions during play that affect all of your games to come. As the story progresses, you will make permanent changes to the game, adding new rules, materials, and pieces to the board. Work together to complete the challenges that each chapter brings. The result is a co-operative adventure that you can play again and again!

—description from the publisher

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