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Big City: 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition! (with Expansion) *PRE-ORDER* (Canada only, see notes for US customers)


$265.00 CAD$203.00 CAD

Designer Franz-Benno Delonge
Publisher Mercury Games
Players 2-4
Suggested Age 13

Notes: For US customers, please follow the official KS page to order.


After 20 years, Big City is still treasured as an all-time favorite city-building game.  Now it's your chance to try this legendary classic!

In Big City, each player receives property cards and can use them to build all kinds of different buildings.  The more adjacent properties you can connect, the more points you can score. You can earn even more points by making sure the best possible structures are next door to your new building - maybe it's best not to build that new shopping mall next to the factory, but it would sure be wonderful  next to a park.

In this 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition, we celebrate this famous game by making the building miniatures extra-detailed and JUMBO SIZED!  With more than 60 structures to build among 8 modular neighborhoods, no two cities will ever be the same.

It's time to grow your small town into a BIG CITY!


Do you want even more Big City?  Then it's time for an URBAN UPGRADE!

In Big City: Urban Upgrade, you'll find 2 new neighborhoods and a brand-new waterfront to build.   To help bring all these new properties to life we're also giving you 4 new building types as well as extra buildings.    As with the base game, these new buildings look huge and amazing.

This expansion also adds all the pieces you need for a 5th player - now even more people can enjoy competing for the best properties!

This is an URBAN UPGRADE you don't want to miss!


*This is an expansion.  It requires the use of the base game.

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